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Streem Energy Accredited by the Solar Impulse Foundation

Streem Energy has been awarded the ‘Efficient Solution Label’ by the Solar Impulse Foundation

Streem Energy

Here at Streem we are delighted to announce that last week, the Streem Energy web-platform has been awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution Label! Read on for some background information on Solar Impulse and the Efficient Solution Label, and what this means for us as a company.

The Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, that focuses on environmental issues. The Foundation is most famous for organising the first ever around the world flight using a solar powered aeroplane in 2016. The Foundation’s day-to-day activities include building an Alliance of organisations that work towards solving environmental problems, various educational initiatives and advocating for global action on climate change and the environment.

The Efficient Solutions Label

The central element of the Foundation’s work focuses on their Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label that has been awarded to over 1000 business innovations that have been deemed good for the planet, and also profitable in the long-term. Organisations wishing to submit their ‘Solution’ for consideration to the Foundation must provide detailed information on the environmental impact of what they have created, the business case for their solution and the long-term scalability of the concept. This submission then undergoes independent review by a panel of external experts, before the organisation can be awarded the Efficient Solutions Label

Our Motivation

At Streem Energy, we were keen to put our innovative energy data management services forward to Solar Impulse for a number of reasons. We believe strongly in the potential impact of new and efficient data solutions for the renewable energy sector. Given the distributed, intermittent nature of renewable technologies, it is clear that a transition towards a fully green energy mix is impossible without harnessing the power of energy data flows. We are keen to connect with other organisations that share the same values as we do when it comes to sustainability and the climate crisis. Therefore, becoming a member of the Solar Foundation’s World Alliance, and having our services recognised with the Efficient Solutions Label seemed like an important step for us as we continue to grow our company, connect with new partners and enter new markets across Europe.

Onward and upwards !

We believe in the impact that our services can have on a rapidly changing energy landscape, and ultimately on the sector’s green transition in the coming years. We are proud to have that potential recognised by a prestigious organisation such as Solar Impulse Foundation, and we look forward to building on this in 2022 as we develop new, exciting products for the renewable energy sphere!

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