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Manage your renewable energy sales seamlessly.

Based on the Streem Monitoring datahub, the Salesfocus is your all-in-one tool to automate your asset management’s processes from contract modelling to invoicing, revenue tracking and reporting.
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Aggregate both technical and commercial data from a wide variety of critical sources




Contract management

Structure all your energy contract characteristics (PPAs, FeedIn Tariff, Hybrid...) in one place to model and forecast your revenues accurately

Generation data integration

Combined with Streem Monitoring, collect all the generation data you need for asset management

Automated invoicing

Reconcile generation volumes and automate your invoice editions for any type of contract and transactions

Revenues tracking

Monitor and forecast your revenues, track your budget and analyse commercial performance in real time

Powerful reporting

Extract the key metrics you need at a, installation and portfolio level to understand your risk and secure your revenues
Streem Salesfocus

Streem Salesfocus ensure a constant alignement between O&M , asset managers, energy management and finance team in order to understand and secure revenues


invoices generated monthly


GW of contracts tracked


countries covered
The Salesfocus module of  is the tool we need to support the strong development of our commercial management activities

Peggy M

Finance Manager France at RES
Faced with the growing complexity of the ways in which we market our production, we felt the need to consolidate, unify and strengthen our billing process. We chose Streem Energy because of the robustness of its system, which is fed upstream with data from our assets’ meters to automate billing.

At GEG, we’re very keen on tools and innovations that will help us optimise renewable production, and thus contribute to ensuring an energy transition

Emmanuel M.

Energy Risk & Market Supply Department Resp.